E169: One Giggity

This week it’s once again just Joseph, Mitch, and Joel, as Matt is still hiatus-ing. This week Mitch talks about the #Shitegra, we answer a suspension question, and a bit of news, and we talk about the Yaris GR and argue about the F40 Vs. F50. Mitch then talks about the Integra, and the new […]

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E168: Grease Up The Nipple

This week, it’s just Mitch, Joseph and Joel. We start off with talking absolute nonsense before breaking into a bit of news. The first bit of news we talk about is about the Governor of California signing a bill to ban the sale of Internal Combustion Engines as of 2035, from which all cars will […]

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E167: The Perfect Mullet

We’re back for episode 167! This week we actually have some car news to talk about, which is a nice change of pace given the year that 2020’s been. Mitch then starts the news part of the pod with Nissan dropping photos of the ‘Z Proto’, and that Volkswagen is close to selling Bugatti to […]

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E165: Coriander and Orange Peel

We are back for episode 165! This week Mitch kick off the podcast with talking about the beer ‘Hoegaarden’, which is bloody terrible and awful and bad. Matt then talks about Subaru killing of the Liberty in the Australian market, which is kinda sad, as we liked the Liberty, and Lamborghini releasing a Lambo-Prime Mover […]

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E162: Garbage In A Package

We are back for episode 162! This week it’s just Mitch, Joseph, and Joel as Matt was at home recovering after his ACL surgery. We start off by talking about the benefits of buying decent tools, and the pitfalls of going the cheap route. Mitch then talks about what he’s done and ordered for the […]

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E161: Puddle Water

We are back for episode 161! This was the second episode we recorded in a row to cover while Mitch and Matt are away camping at North Straddie Island. Joseph kicks off some news quick with the death of the mighty Mitsubishi Pajero after 39 years of production. Matt then talks about the (lack of) […]

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E160: Splooged All Over The Table

We are back for episode 160! This week, Mitch kicks off some news about the new Toyota/Gazoo Racing Yaris with Toyota Australia now caving and will bring the ‘Performance Pack’ variant to the Australian market. The pricing of the ‘base’ model GR Yaris is estimated to be about $40,000 (before on-roads), and add about $4,000 […]

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E159: How Dare You Sir

We’re back for episode 159! This week, we manage to find some news to talk about despite it being a pretty slow news week. Mitch kicks off the news with Porsche developing 3D-printed pistons for the GT2RS which allow the engine to produce 22kw more power, while being lighter, stronger, and more resistant to heat, […]

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E157: Triple Stacker Burger

We are back for episode 157! This week we talk a bit of news, Joel and Mitch of what have we done to our cars this week, and Matt and Mitch talk about some simracing stuff. Mitch then kicks off news about Hyundai India producing a manual gearbox WITHOUT a clutch, we then go on […]

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E156: Okay Japan!

We’re back for episode 156! This week we start off with talking about football (NRL), before Matt talks about some news we missed from last week; A new electric dual-cab American-style truck from the brand ‘Lordstown’ called the Endurance, and Bentley has a new children’s toy range, and Hyundai’s ute has once again been delayed. […]

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E155: Not Italian Enough

We are back with episode 155! This week, it’s the usual three, and Joel (AKA Rent-A-Crowd, AKA The Short One) has also joined us. Joseph kicks off the news with state governments in Australia going through already-issued personalised plates, and cancelling plates that encourage speeding and otherwise violent or anti-social driving behavior. Joseph then continues […]

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E154: Definitely Dumb

Here’s the second of this week’s drops to make up for us missing an entire week of content last week, a day later than planned, but still, here it is. We start off with ribbing Joseph a bit for being slack on posting any content to our Facebook page. We properly kick off this week’s […]

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E153: So Soft It Makes it Hard

We’re back, sorry for missing a week; Mitch and Matt went camping, and Mitch got crook, anyway, we’re back now! We crack straight in with Mitch talking about how he fixed his Hilux’s overheating issues. Matt then talks about what he’s doing to his Landcruiser, also to do with overheating, and Joseph greased the rear […]

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E152: The Porsche Edition

Yep, late again. Our bad. Anyway, Mitch couldn’t do this week’s episode, so it’s just Matt, Joseph, and The Short One this week. The boys this week start off with a bit of news, and the first bit of news is about the minor refresh to the Toyota Hilux including new lights and a bit […]

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E151: The Boomer Remover

Once again, sorry this week’s episode is late, we hope it’s worth the wait! This week, we kick off with talking about the weirdly awesome 2020 Mahindra ‘Pik-Up’, and Joseph talks about the Nissan 400Z briefly appearing in silhouette form in a Nissan Japan company video presentation. Mitch then goes on a rant about the […]

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E150: The Drunken 150

We are back for episode 150! You guys asked for it, so it’s a drunken episode. Not sure what else to say, it’s a hell of a ride though. We talked about some news, I think, we talked about cars, I think, all I know for sure is that we argued and that there was […]

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E149: Cashed Up Bogans

We are back for episode 149! Mitch got his PC going again, so we were able to record and get this episode out! We start off this week with Mitch explaining what went wrong with his PC before we break into the news. This week, we talk about Supercars going to Bathurst twice in the […]

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E147: Not Happy Jan

We’re sorry that this episode’s a smidge late, however, better late than never! This week we kick off with news about rumoured engine updates for the next Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ, that they will get the FA24 2.4L Subaru Boxer engine, however, that they won’t get a turbocharger. Matt then gets us talking about […]

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E146: Blessed With Its Presence

We are back with another episode to keep you somewhat entertained during this Coronavirus nonsense. This week, we kick off with a bit of nonsense before cracking on and talking about Sir Stirling Moss passing away at the age of 90yrs last week. Something we learned about 10 minutes after we uploaded last weeks episode. […]

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E145: More Rice

We are back for episode 145! This week kicks off with only Mitch and Joseph, Matt joins later because of some MacBook issues. We kick off this week with talking about Mazda more than likely putting a rotary range extender in the 2020 MX-30 small SUV. Joseph then talks about Fiat making a new dual-cab […]

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E144: Un-Millenial

We are back for episode 144! This week we talk car news, well, what there is of it, as well as a bit of What Have I Done To My Car This Week, and some tyre chat. Mitch kicks off the news with pricing and specs released for the woeful 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage facelift, Turbo […]

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E143: Out Of Context

We are back for episode 143! We hope you’re all staying safe and well during this Corona stuff. We start off this by arguing about food, weirdly enough, before Joseph and Mitch rag on Matt for not being able to speak English correctly. We kick off the news this week with a bit of automotive […]

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E142: Not A Puma

We are back with episode 142! And we are once again joined by Joseph! We start this episode off by talking about good ol’ Coronavirus, and Matt’s wedding, Mitch’s bottle keyring opener, and other bollocks. Matt then kicks off the actual ‘car’ content with talking about the car that brought his Misso to the wedding; […]

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E141: This Is A Tease

We are back to ‘normal’ with episode 141! This week, it’s basically back to normal, except for the first time in 141 episodes, we are not joined by Joseph; instead, we’re joined with Ben and Michael. This week, we kick off with some news about Matthew getting married – Literally the day after we recorded […]

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E140: The GOAT of Influenza

We are back for episode 140! We’re sorry it’s a day late, long story. We start off this episode with talking about the maintenance/service work we’ve done to Mitch’s Hilux (which is why this episode is late). Matt and Joseph then talk about their recent experience at VR Motorsport, who are an epic mob in […]

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E138: Captain Alcoholic

We are back for episode 138! This episode is a continuation from episode 137, and Mitch is still not sober. We did the news last week, so this week it’s game week. For the first game, Ben takes the reigns. Ben has 2 cars for under $20,000, and it’s our job to guess the cars […]

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E137: Rejected Transformer

We are back for episode 137! This week, most of us have had a few beverages, and are joined by Ben and Michael. Mitch kicks off the news this week about Tesla remotely deactivating the ‘Autopilot’ from a used Tesla sold having Autopilot. Matt then asks a question to y’all about how you typically buy […]

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E136: Apes Seals and Doritos

We are back for episode 136! This week we talk about the Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour race, which we had on while we recorded this episode. We kick off talking about some drivers in the Bathurst 12 hour being ‘Gentlemen Drivers’ who don’t yield to faster cars when shown the blue flag, and apparently, some […]

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E135: Scotty From Marketing

We are back for episode 135! This week is kinda a part two of last week’s episode, but also kinda isn’t. We kick off this week with some ‘What Have You Done To Your Car This Week’ chats, starting off with the Short One talking about his 300ZX. Matt then talks some rapid-fire news about […]

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E134: The Slurring’s Occurring

Sorry it’s late, but here’s episode 134! This week, we recorded in Morwood’s new house, so we were set up on a 6-foot bi-fold table and some camp chairs. This week, we have some news to talk about. We start off with a bit of news about Hyundai/Genesys’s GV80-based ute-pick-up thing, which will have a […]

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E133: Lock It In Eddie!

We’re back for episode 133, this week we talk about the stuff we forgot to talk about in episode 132. We start by talking about us rating well on Podchaser’s best of 2019 for Automotive podcasts. So, we kick off the news this week with a bit of Ford Australia news. Ford is finally chucking […]

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E132: A Very Spicy Meatball Indeed

The first episode for the new decade (and yes, it IS a new decade!). We kick off by talking about nonsense and giving shoutouts to a couple of mad listeners. Joseph kick off with a bit of news regarding the disgraced ex-CEO of the Renault Nissan Alliance, Carlos Ghosn escaping his Japanese house arrest and […]

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E130: Hoons With Speed Limits

We are back for episode 130! This week we’re joined by the Short One, and we start off talking about our new merch shop! Mitch then breaks into a bit of a rant about Joseph dropping some chocolate ice cream cone in Mitch’s Hilux. Matt then gets on the band-wagon about the to-be Toyota GR […]

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E129: Nek Minnit

We’re back for episode 129! This week, we talk a bit about some news, and Joseph’s a smidge drunk. Joseph kicks off the news with a bit about the new Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. Matt then talks about the new electric Ferrari coming in 2025, which delves into a bit of an argument with Joseph. […]

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E128: She’ll Be Right

We are back for episode 128!  Sorry, it’s a tad bit late, but better late than never! This week, we kick-off by giving a few shout-outs and then talking about a Wish special exhaust, and Matt rants about how much he hates Wish. Mitch then talks about him selling the Bob Jane special wheels and […]

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E127: I Bought A Tesla

We are back with episode 127! This week, we start off by talking about Joseph coming into possession of a tub filled of Hot-4’s and similar magazines from the early 2000’s, and it’s just brilliant. We then talk about Tesla’s new CyberTruck, which Matt really likes and Mitch is indifferent. Matt then talks about Queensland […]

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E126: Spilt Seed

We are back for episode 126! Crazy that we’ve come this far, and we only have you guys to thank. Without your support, we probably wouldn’t have called it quits 100 episodes ago, so thanks! We kick off this week with a bit of beer talk and general nonsense before breaking into a bit of […]

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E125: Buzzfeed Of Car Podcasts

We are back for episode 125! This week we’re joined by The Short One, and we start off by appreciating Matt’s WRX, as well a backfiring issue he’s experiencing. We also briefly talk about us going to go see the movie Ford V Ferrari after recording this episode, which we’ll talk in-depth about the next […]

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E124: Influx of Young Blood

We are back for episode 124! After talking a bit of rubbish about rubbish drivers, we start talking about P-plater cars, and people selling cars that aren’t worth as much as they think they are, and Skyline importation laws in America. We then talk about the influx of young blood and YouTubers in SEMA this […]

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E123: Spicy Little French Croissant

We’re back for ep123! Sorry it’s a bit of a shorter one this week, Matt and Mitch were really tired from each having a big week. Mitch kicks off the news with car recalls, specifically this week the 2018 Renault Megane RS which might cause engine failure. Joseph then talks about BMW’s M-Division stating that […]

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E122: Saturday Is For Hangovers

We are back for episode 121! This week we’re once again joined by Ben from Pencil’s Ballercast, and later we’re joined by Michael ‘Tresy’ Trew, however, he just yells things from the couch. We start off talking about go-karting as we’re going to Matt’s bucks next weekend, before we talk a bit about the Gold […]

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E121: The Flinstones Package

We’re back for episode 121! And this week Mitch is decidedly less drunk, for better or worse. We talk a little bit about why episode 120 was late, and a little bit about Mitch and Matt’s camping trip to Teewah beach a couple of weekends back. We then break into a bit of news, and […]

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E119: Pub Chat

We’re back for episode 119! This week, Matt’s back, and he has a few thoughts on episode 118 that he was away for. Mitch kicks off the news with Koenigsegg breaking the zero to 400kph to zero record. We then briefly talk about the confirmation of the BRZ/86 Gen 2 concept coming to the Tokyo […]

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E118: Nissan Used To Be Cool

We’re back for episode 118! This week, it’s just Mitch, Joseph and Joel as Matt’s off at a bucks. Mitch kicks off the news with talking about a chap in America ordering a Tesla, then 3 weeks later received a Tesla’s front fender in the mail. Joseph and Joel then talk about a recent car […]

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E117: Kanye West Effect

We are back for episode 117, and this week it’s a bit off the rails! We start off briefly about talking about Joseph’s written review of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid Ascent Sport We then talk about drifting, before breaking into a bit of news (and a semi-rant from Mitch) regarding the new Land Rover Defender, […]

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E170: We Are For Sale

We are back for episode 170! And not only that, Matt is back! We kick off this week with a quick shout-out to another car podcast; ‘Shifting Through The Gears‘; who you should all check out. Mitch then kicks off the news with Mazda confirming that they will be using a 0.3L single-rotor rotary range […]

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E166: Diamond Advantage on Drugs

Matt kicks off the news this week with talking about Kia planning a LandCruiser Prado rival, which looks pretty cool, and Joseph stumbles upon Kia’s armoured vehicle. Mitch and Joseph then talk about the new Genesis G70 design being released, and that it looks bloody sick, and we talk about Isuzu DMAX’s and Ford Falcons, […]

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E164: Pulp Fiction

We are back for episode 164, this week we kick off with talking nonsense, before breaking into some news. Mitch kicks off the news with a story about the 2021 refresh of the Toyota Prado getting mo’ power baby and mo’ spendy by about $5k. Joseph then has a bit of news about some new […]

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E163: If I Only Had A Brain

We are back for episode 163! Matt’s back this week, he survived his ACL/knee surgery, which is good. To kick things off, we mix things up, we actually talk about a beer that’s different to the (fantastic) Great Northern; Byron Bay Brewery. Joseph kicks off the news with news about the 2021 Toyota Yaris range […]

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