E201: Get good scrub

We are back! It’s been a minute. This is episode 201, the crazy drunken 200th episode will come soon, so this is episode 201. First bit of news is the Mk5 Toyota Supra is now coming with a third pedal, which is awesome news; three pedal all the things! We then talk about the 400Z […]

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E199: Keep it Nice and Firm

Hi. Happy 2022! We hope you all had a merry Driftmas and Happy New Beer! Sorry 199 is late haha, classic. We kick off this week with news about the new near-$50,000 Honda Civic, and that new V8 SuperCars will come in 2023…. Which will be old cars when they kick off, but yes, another […]

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E198: Like A Bad Tinder Date

Hey. It’s been a minute. Is that a new shirt? Looks nice. Anyways, here’s episode 198! We kick off with a bit of bollocks, before breaking into some news. Chrysler has left Australia, which we don’t really care much about, though it does mean the death of the affordable V8. We then talk about Dodge […]

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E197: The Subaru Effect

We are back for episode 197! We kick off with a bit of bollocks, and talk about the Audi R8 being killed off in Australia due to changes in emissions regulations, but weirdly, the Lamborghini Huracan remains, and ADR-85 becomes a mandatory requirement for new vheicles sold in Australia. Joseph then talks about the Hyundai […]

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E196: Use Your Peripherals

We are back for episode 196! This week Joseph kicks off with the news, and the first piece of news is Tesla claiming the Nurburgring Lap Record for Electric Vehicles with a 7m30s lap at an average of 166kph, and Italy wants an exemption from the E.U. for incoming electric car laws for supercar manufacturers. […]

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E195: An Irishman Having A Stroke

Hey, look at that, this episode is up on the right day! Fancy that. There’s some actual automotive news this week, which is a nice change of pace, and is very welcome. We kick off the news with the new Toyota GazooRacing 86, the naturally aspirated FA24 powered successor to the wonderful GT86. We then […]

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E193: Wasabi Cars

Mitch is away for this episode, so it’s just Matt, Joseph and Joel. The boys talk a bit about a LandCruiser 300 transport vehicle crashing and destroying the first lot od 300 delivery vehicles. Matt then talks about new vehicles coming, and an R34 GTR breaking a sales record of $415,000 AUD. Matt then talks […]

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E192: Lotta Money for a Shopping Cart

Yeah, sorry it’s been a month, our bad. Mitch kicks off the news with Ford America looking at adding “pop-up” style advertisements on in-car displays, then Mitch talks about Lamborghini beginning to phase out internal combustion engines entirely by 2030, and that Jeep Australia wins the case to block Mahindra from selling the Jeep-looking Thar […]

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E191: The Devil’s Avocado

We kick off this week’s episode with usual bollocks, before Joseph kicks off the news. The first bit of news is about Jeep trying to stop Mahindra from selling their Wrangler-like Thar 4×4 in Australia. Joseph then talks about Toyota making a GazooRacing Hilux, which will be competing in the Dakar Rally. Then we talk […]

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