E175: Mitch Spec News

Hey, would you look at that? This week we’re up ontime! We kick off the news with the marketing release of the 2022 Subaru BRZ, larger engine, marginally larger body, no official word on pricing or availability. We then talk about Lotus coming out with a bloody SUV… Colin Chapman must be rolling in his […]

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E174: The Iron Chef

When I said last week that we’d return to our regularly scheduled programming, I should have considered the fact that Matt would drop the ball and not send me the episode file to edit… So, blame him this week. After some usual bollocks, Joseph kicks off the news with Toyota talking trash about Tesla and […]

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E173: Because of the Wuhan

Yeah, sorry it’s late. Moving house is a complete kick to the balls. This week starts off with 10 plus minutes of nonsense, before we FINALLY get into gear and talk about some news, starting with the new Nissan Navara… Well, the facelift Navara. We then talk about the Australian economy, and Mitch filing a […]

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E172: That’s What She Said

We are back for episode 172! This week we’re a bit off the rails, and start off with talking some absolute nonsense that’s not relevant to anyone outside of our city. Joseph kicks off the news with the conspiracy surrounding the SSC Tuatara claimed world record, with compelling claims from large YouTubers that SSC had […]

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E171: Scotty From The Block

We are back with episode 171! This week we kick off with talking absolute rubbish about being dusty, before breaking into a bit of news. We kick off the news with Team Penske confirming they will not be returning to the Supercars for the 2021 season, and Scott Mclaughlin going off to race in Indycar, […]

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E170: We Are For Sale

We are back for episode 170! And not only that, Matt is back! We kick off this week with a quick shout-out to another car podcast; ‘Shifting Through The Gears‘; who you should all check out. Mitch then kicks off the news with Mazda confirming that they will be using a 0.3L single-rotor rotary range […]

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E169: One Giggity

This week it’s once again just Joseph, Mitch, and Joel, as Matt is still hiatus-ing. This week Mitch talks about the #Shitegra, we answer a suspension question, and a bit of news, and we talk about the Yaris GR and argue about the F40 Vs. F50. Mitch then talks about the Integra, and the new […]

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E168: Grease Up The Nipple

This week, it’s just Mitch, Joseph and Joel. We start off with talking absolute nonsense before breaking into a bit of news. The first bit of news we talk about is about the Governor of California signing a bill to ban the sale of Internal Combustion Engines as of 2035, from which all cars will […]

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E167: The Perfect Mullet

We’re back for episode 167! This week we actually have some car news to talk about, which is a nice change of pace given the year that 2020’s been. Mitch then starts the news part of the pod with Nissan dropping photos of the ‘Z Proto’, and that Volkswagen is close to selling Bugatti to […]

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