E160: Splooged All Over The Table

We are back for episode 160! This week, Mitch kicks off some news about the new Toyota/Gazoo Racing Yaris with Toyota Australia now caving and will bring the ‘Performance Pack’ variant to the Australian market. The pricing of the ‘base’ model GR Yaris is estimated to be about $40,000 (before on-roads), and add about $4,000 […]

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E159: How Dare You Sir

We’re back for episode 159! This week, we manage to find some news to talk about despite it being a pretty slow news week. Mitch kicks off the news with Porsche developing 3D-printed pistons for the GT2RS which allow the engine to produce 22kw more power, while being lighter, stronger, and more resistant to heat, […]

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E157: Triple Stacker Burger

We are back for episode 157! This week we talk a bit of news, Joel and Mitch of what have we done to our cars this week, and Matt and Mitch talk about some simracing stuff. Mitch then kicks off news about Hyundai India producing a manual gearbox WITHOUT a clutch, we then go on […]

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E156: Okay Japan!

We’re back for episode 156! This week we start off with talking about football (NRL), before Matt talks about some news we missed from last week; A new electric dual-cab American-style truck from the brand ‘Lordstown’ called the Endurance, and Bentley has a new children’s toy range, and Hyundai’s ute has once again been delayed. […]

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E155: Not Italian Enough

We are back with episode 155! This week, it’s the usual three, and Joel (AKA Rent-A-Crowd, AKA The Short One) has also joined us. Joseph kicks off the news with state governments in Australia going through already-issued personalised plates, and cancelling plates that encourage speeding and otherwise violent or anti-social driving behavior. Joseph then continues […]

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E154: Definitely Dumb

Here’s the second of this week’s drops to make up for us missing an entire week of content last week, a day later than planned, but still, here it is. We start off with ribbing Joseph a bit for being slack on posting any content to our Facebook page. We properly kick off this week’s […]

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E153: So Soft It Makes it Hard

We’re back, sorry for missing a week; Mitch and Matt went camping, and Mitch got crook, anyway, we’re back now! We crack straight in with Mitch talking about how he fixed his Hilux’s overheating issues. Matt then talks about what he’s doing to his Landcruiser, also to do with overheating, and Joseph greased the rear […]

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E152: The Porsche Edition

Yep, late again. Our bad. Anyway, Mitch couldn’t do this week’s episode, so it’s just Matt, Joseph, and The Short One this week. The boys this week start off with a bit of news, and the first bit of news is about the minor refresh to the Toyota Hilux including new lights and a bit […]

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E151: The Boomer Remover

Once again, sorry this week’s episode is late, we hope it’s worth the wait! This week, we kick off with talking about the weirdly awesome 2020 Mahindra ‘Pik-Up’, and Joseph talks about the Nissan 400Z briefly appearing in silhouette form in a Nissan Japan company video presentation. Mitch then goes on a rant about the […]

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