E151: The Boomer Remover

Once again, sorry this week’s episode is late, we hope it’s worth the wait! This week, we kick off with talking about the weirdly awesome 2020 Mahindra ‘Pik-Up’, and Joseph talks about the Nissan 400Z briefly appearing in silhouette form in a Nissan Japan company video presentation. Mitch then goes on a rant about the […]

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E150: The Drunken 150

We are back for episode 150! You guys asked for it, so it’s a drunken episode. Not sure what else to say, it’s a hell of a ride though. We talked about some news, I think, we talked about cars, I think, all I know for sure is that we argued and that there was […]

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E149: Cashed Up Bogans

We are back for episode 149! Mitch got his PC going again, so we were able to record and get this episode out! We start off this week with Mitch explaining what went wrong with his PC before we break into the news. This week, we talk about Supercars going to Bathurst twice in the […]

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E147: Not Happy Jan

We’re sorry that this episode’s a smidge late, however, better late than never! This week we kick off with news about rumoured engine updates for the next Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ, that they will get the FA24 2.4L Subaru Boxer engine, however, that they won’t get a turbocharger. Matt then gets us talking about […]

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E146: Blessed With Its Presence

We are back with another episode to keep you somewhat entertained during this Coronavirus nonsense. This week, we kick off with a bit of nonsense before cracking on and talking about Sir Stirling Moss passing away at the age of 90yrs last week. Something we learned about 10 minutes after we uploaded last weeks episode. […]

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E145: More Rice

We are back for episode 145! This week kicks off with only Mitch and Joseph, Matt joins later because of some MacBook issues. We kick off this week with talking about Mazda more than likely putting a rotary range extender in the 2020 MX-30 small SUV. Joseph then talks about Fiat making a new dual-cab […]

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E144: Un-Millenial

We are back for episode 144! This week we talk car news, well, what there is of it, as well as a bit of What Have I Done To My Car This Week, and some tyre chat. Mitch kicks off the news with pricing and specs released for the woeful 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage facelift, Turbo […]

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E143: Out Of Context

We are back for episode 143! We hope you’re all staying safe and well during this Corona stuff. We start off this by arguing about food, weirdly enough, before Joseph and Mitch rag on Matt for not being able to speak English correctly. We kick off the news this week with a bit of automotive […]

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E142: Not A Puma

We are back with episode 142! And we are once again joined by Joseph! We start this episode off by talking about good ol’ Coronavirus, and Matt’s wedding, Mitch’s bottle keyring opener, and other bollocks. Matt then kicks off the actual ‘car’ content with talking about the car that brought his Misso to the wedding; […]

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