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Gears and Beers Podcast is a weekly automotive podcast

We love cars… And beer!


Mitchell Denham 

18485723_1692388784109411_4423296635549411916_nMitch has been into cars for as long as he can remember. It probably has something to do with the fact the cars he grew up with were rather interesting. When he was young, his father daily’d a ’69 VW Karmann Ghia, and when the family got too big for it, he upgraded to a ’72 VW Type 3 Squareback. His mum, on the other hand, drives a ’89 VW Caravelle.

You would think that growing up in a Volkswagen household, Mitch’s first car would be a VW – Or at the very least something European. But no. His first car was a short wheelbase ’89 Suzuki Vitara JLX soft-top… not exactly a common first car for a petrolhead. The 1.6L 4 cylinder carburetor engine wasn’t powerful by any stretch of the imagination, but it what it was, was freedom. The Suzuki, dubbed “PandaZook” as it was grey with white fenders, introduced the world of working on, and modifying, cars. Mitch now drives a 2014 Toyota GT86, but one day hopes to own a classic air-cooled Porsche.





About Joseph Riga

For the past quarter of a century, cars have been the passion of Joseph’s life. From collecting hundreds of HotWheels cars as a child, playing racing sims on gaming consoles as a teen and modifying his new Toyota 86 today, Joseph’s endless love of all things automotive makes him the perfect podcast companion! Such passion has given Joseph a never-ending knowledge bank of all car topics technical and trivial, of which you’ll hear all about on this podcast. 

The next chapter sees Joseph pursue the motor-racing aspect of the car universe and transforming his daily driver into a HPDE machine. Part of each episode will serve to chronicle this journey into motoring nirvana.




Matthew Morwood


FB_IMG_1496176385558For as long as I can remember I’ve tinkered with things, my late mother always told a story from when I dissembled a fan whilst still being plugged into power! So the automotive scene came naturally to me. Growing up my father worked on everything bikes, boats, lawn mowers, cars you name it he could pull it apart and put it back together ( with a healthy course of foul language and “I HAD THE SPANNER 10 SECONDS AGO”).

My first road legal car was a perfectly maintained Honda Accord V6 handed down to me from my grandparents. The memories of my ownership, a fresh 17 year old on his red P’s was slightly different. With 150kws sent to the front wheels through one of the least reliable Automatic gearboxes in recent history. Subwoofers, handbrake turns and one pegs took a toll on the car and by the 3rd gearbox I knew it was time to buy something myself! I tossed and turned and after looking at old BMWs and Toyota Soarers dad put his foot down and explained that I had to get a safe 4×4 subaru.

So I found the lowest and loudest GC8 I could get my hands on just to spite him! She now sits at 298K Kms and has gone from ultra low and loud to lifted and quiet and I genuinely believe it still runs just to spite me.

However the search is on to find the new car so join us as I change my mind literally every episode about my next car!