E108: She’s A Minter

We are back for Episode 108! This week, we’re actually joined by Rent-A-Crowd (Joel) again! It’s been a many-a-episode since The Short One’s been on.
We’ve got a fair bit of stuff to talk about this week, and some pretty big news from one of us, so stay tuned for that!
Joseph kicks off the episode with a bit of news about the new Mk5 Toyota Supra, with the second wave of the pre-launch reservations kicking off shortly.
Matt then has a bit of news about Supercars blocking TCR from being a support series for the Adelaide 500, due to Supercars clearly being threatened by the new series.
Joel actually brings up some news about ‘Moto-E’, a new electric motorcycle racing series having their first race in Germany, then we workshop the ultimate way to make Supercars and Formula 1 actually interesting again.
Mitch then has a ‘What Have I Done to My Car This Week’… And it absolutely blows Joseph’s mind. Everyone but Joseph knew about this, Mitch saved telling Joseph specifically to record his reaction for the podcast.
Joel then talks about what he’s done to his Nissan Z32 recently, specifically his struggles with clutches and flywheels.
Joseph talks about his recent track days at Lakeside and Queensland Raceway post big-brake-kit upgrade.
Then, to end the episode, we play ‘Show Me What You Got’; Criteria; $10,000, Automatic.

Gears and Beers is hosted by Mitchell Denham, Joseph Riga, and Matt Morwood.

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