E138: Captain Alcoholic

We are back for episode 138! This episode is a continuation from episode 137, and Mitch is still not sober. We did the news last week, so this week it’s game week. For the first game, Ben takes the reigns. Ben has 2 cars for under $20,000, and it’s our job to guess the cars […]

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E137: Rejected Transformer

We are back for episode 137! This week, most of us have had a few beverages, and are joined by Ben and Michael. Mitch kicks off the news this week about Tesla remotely deactivating the ‘Autopilot’ from a used Tesla sold having Autopilot. Matt then asks a question to y’all about how you typically buy […]

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E136: Apes Seals and Doritos

We are back for episode 136! This week we talk about the Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour race, which we had on while we recorded this episode. We kick off talking about some drivers in the Bathurst 12 hour being ‘Gentlemen Drivers’ who don’t yield to faster cars when shown the blue flag, and apparently, some […]

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E135: Scotty From Marketing

We are back for episode 135! This week is kinda a part two of last week’s episode, but also kinda isn’t. We kick off this week with some ‘What Have You Done To Your Car This Week’ chats, starting off with the Short One talking about his 300ZX. Matt then talks some rapid-fire news about […]

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E134: The Slurring’s Occurring

Sorry it’s late, but here’s episode 134! This week, we recorded in Morwood’s new house, so we were set up on a 6-foot bi-fold table and some camp chairs. This week, we have some news to talk about. We start off with a bit of news about Hyundai/Genesys’s GV80-based ute-pick-up thing, which will have a […]

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E133: Lock It In Eddie!

We’re back for episode 133, this week we talk about the stuff we forgot to talk about in episode 132. We start by talking about us rating well on Podchaser’s best of 2019 for Automotive podcasts. So, we kick off the news this week with a bit of Ford Australia news. Ford is finally chucking […]

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E132: A Very Spicy Meatball Indeed

The first episode for the new decade (and yes, it IS a new decade!). We kick off by talking about nonsense and giving shoutouts to a couple of mad listeners. Joseph kick off with a bit of news regarding the disgraced ex-CEO of the Renault Nissan Alliance, Carlos Ghosn escaping his Japanese house arrest and […]

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E130: Hoons With Speed Limits

We are back for episode 130! This week we’re joined by the Short One, and we start off talking about our new merch shop! Mitch then breaks into a bit of a rant about Joseph dropping some chocolate ice cream cone in Mitch’s Hilux. Matt then gets on the band-wagon about the to-be Toyota GR […]

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