E137: Rejected Transformer

We are back for episode 137! This week, most of us have had a few beverages, and are joined by Ben and Michael.

Mitch kicks off the news this week about Tesla remotely deactivating the ‘Autopilot’ from a used Tesla sold having Autopilot.

Matt then asks a question to y’all about how you typically buy your cars; privately or from a dealer?

Joseph then has some news about Aston Martin’s 400kw DBX SUV being sold out in Australia, despite its awful appearance.

Mitch then has some news about Queensland Police earning over $200,000 from revenue in the first week after the introduction of the $1000 using a mobile phone while driving fine. We then have an argument over using your phone while driving, and car manufacturers replacing physical climate and media controls with a touch interface.

We then have a discussion about the awful standards for driver education.

We then talk about the Porsche 992, specifically the Turbo, and how we don’t actually don’t like it, and then we argue about the 911 and the Cayman.

Then Ferrari proves once again they’re a bunch of bastards and are suing a charity over the name ‘Purosange’, which means ‘Pure Blood’ in Italian.

Then we end with a bit of discussion about the 12 Hour of Bathurst.

Gears and Beers is hosted by Mitchell Denham, Joseph Riga, and Matt Morwood.

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