E118: Nissan Used To Be Cool

We’re back for episode 118! This week, it’s just Mitch, Joseph and Joel as Matt’s off at a bucks.
Mitch kicks off the news with talking about a chap in America ordering a Tesla, then 3 weeks later received a Tesla’s front fender in the mail.
Joseph and Joel then talk about a recent car meet they went to, and the worrying trend of the return of underglow, and a general increase in shitty mods.
Joseph then talks about the 3 OG’s from local automotive publication CarAdvice handing in their resignation letters, and moving on from CarAdvice.
Mitch then talks about the rumours surrounding the next generation GT86 / BRZ, which will probably have the FA24 for the powerplant, might use a shared platform with Mazda, and will handle better than the Mk5 Supra.
We then briefly talk about Mazda patenting a new Wankel rotary, but Mitch isn’t as excited as everyone else appears to be because this is just hype news, as last we heard the Rotary will only be used as part of a hybrid system as a power generator and not connected directly to the rear wheels.
Mitch then talks about the 2020 Nissan GTR Nismo’s pricing and specs being released; it’ll be $380,000 AUD (before on-roads) – a whole $80,000 more than the outgoing model, with the same power as the outgoing Nismo.
We then talk about American car dealers being dogs and over-charging for ‘popular’ or in-demand new cars.
We then answer an email from a listener, Matt White, who asked what we would recommend to make his 2013 Chevy Sonic LTZ (Holden Barina to us Australian’s) more comfortable for his long commute.
We then talk about idiot drivers causing knee-jerk reaction laws, and why that’s complete bollocks, and we talk about Kevin Hart being sued after a crash involving his resto-mod Barracuda, and shitty drivers in general.
Mitch then rants about Tracey Grimshaw and her shit television program A Current Affair, who had yet another piece of trash “news” about ‘extreme car enthusiasts’, and they partnered up with the New South Wales Police and their ‘Operation Kilowatt’ who were out and targeting people with illegal tint and low ride height.
We then end the episode by talking about how cars have advanced further than the average skill of most drivers, and how licenses haven’t caught up with how powerful cars have become.

Gears and Beers is hosted by Mitchell Denham, Joseph Riga, and Matt Morwood.

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