E104: Beyond Kardashian

We’re back for episode 104! Mitch is away camping, and Michael Trew is in the hot seat.
Matt kicks off this week’s episode with a bit of Mk5 Toyota Supra news; with the first 100 Australian allocations presale selling out in 50 minutes.
Then the boys wax on about how great V8 Supercar Driver Scott McLaughlin is as a driver, having been the first to ever score a ”Triple Crown’ at Darwin.
Joseph bring up Porsche announcing 2 new cars, both with naturally aspirated 6-cylinder engines, and Matt and Michael talk nonsense about how Porsche shouldn’t be turbocharged [Mitch’s Note; Clearly Matthew and Michael forgot about the 911 Turbo/Turbo S and the GT2 RS!]
Matt and Joseph then go back to talking about Scott McLaughlin killing it in the Supercar Championship, being 400 points ahead of #2 – His Team Mate, Fabian Coulthard. Before they go on to talk about Formula E.
The boys then go back to talking about the new Porsche GT4, then Matt loses his mind about how naturally aspirated engines keep making more power year-on-year.
Thankfully, Michael is on hand, or resident engineer while the short-one is away, who can somewhat explain how this is possible, and the lads just then talk about engine engineering.
Michael then talks about his and his old man’s project; an original Fiat 124 Spyder, and then Michael talks about his issues with Coronation Drive in Brisbane (a hated road by almost everyone in Brisbane)
Then Matt and Joseph talk about what they’ve each done to their cars this week, starting with Joseph talking about his new Rays Wheels finally showing up and getting fitted on his 86, as well as his new brakes getting fitted (and engineered!). Matt then talks about what he’s done, or rather, what issues he’s been having with his 105 Cruiser and learns a lesson about buying cheap 4×4 barwork (ie; don’t).
Matt then introduces a new game; “Scrub For Cars”. The cars discussed this week are;
Ferrari F40, Nissan R34 GTR, Hyundai Excel Sprint Twin-Cam, Ford BA XR6 Turbo Ute, Toyota 86, BMW E28 M5, Jaguar E Type, Lamborghini Miura, Volkswagen Kombi Van.
Then Michael explains himself, before the boys end the show for the week.

Gears and Beers is hosted by Mitchell Denham, Joseph Riga, and Matt Morwood.

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