E101: Save Manuel!

We’re back for episode 101, with a new intro! This week, we start off by talking about hair cuts and fashion, of all things.

Mitch then does a quick review on the Holden Astra VX, before transitioning into talking about Ferrari’s new $1M-plus Supercar; the SF90 Stradale with 736Kw from a combination of a turbocharged V8 and 3 electric motors.
We then briefly talk about Aston Martin and argue about naturally aspirated Vs. turbocharging.
Matt then talks about Australian pricing for the Tesla Model 3 being announced, at $66,000.
Joseph then talks about how you can pick up an Alfa-Romeo Quadrifoglio as a dealer-demo for $90,000 with only 4,000Km on the clock.
Matt talks about the to-be Volkswagen Golf R Plus; an $80,000 300Kw 450Nm AWD pocket-rocket confirmed to be coming to Australia.
Joseph talks about the new epic-looking Volvo S60 and V60 with a turbo-supercharged hybrid system developing 311Kw and 600+ Nm.
Matt then talks about Jaguar killing off the XJ in July, and they will replace it in 2020 with a 420Kw and 700Nm EV.
Joseph then trolls us with a $625,000 Ford Falcon XR6 advertised on CarSales. Then Matt goes on CarSales and asks us what the 5 most expensive cars currently for sale on CarSales.
Mitch then talks about how the Lamborghini Urus, like the Kia Stinger, looks so much better in person than it does in photos.
Matt then asks us what the bottom 5 cheapest cars are on CarSales.
Then Mitch starts asking a question that Matt came up with on the way to the pod that he’d forgotten until he remembers and asks the question himself. The question is in relation to servicing intervals, and why the intervals are measured on time and distance travelled and not litres of fuel used. This then turns into a bit of a classic Gears and Beers argument between Matt and Joseph.

Gears and Beers is hosted by Mitchell Denham, Joseph Riga, and Matt Morwood.

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