E89: Mexican Hoon Cartel

We are back with episode 89! And this week, if we’re honest, is a bit of a clusterfuck of bollocks, but that’s okay because we’re unashamedly unprofessional! This week, we’re joined once again by Benjamin of Pencil’s Ballercast, and after a bit of banter and beer talk, we finally start on some news from Geneva.
Mitch then starts off the news about Pininfarina’s new Battista, a 1,415kw (1,900hp) hypercar, and the 11,000RPM Aston Martin’s Valkyrie which causes a panel divide.
Then Joseph brings up news about the Toyota Hilux single-handedly outselling all of Holden for the month of February, and our favourite little Chinese manufacturer, MG, killing it last month, then we talk about – of all things – the Australian economy.
Joseph then brings up Volvo limiting all cars, from 2020 onwards, limiting their cars to 180KPH, and then we talk about Adam LZ catching the ire of old-mate Tracey Grimshaw / A Current Affair after his recent trip to Brisbane. Joseph has even more news, this time about the new convertible version of the Mercedes AMG GT-R.
Then Matthew has a story about his recent trip to Melbourne where he visited a Tesla dealership that had Tesla 3’s on show, then Mitch briefly talks about the brilliant little Honda EV Concept being officially put into production, however it’s NOT coming to Australia, sadly, and Joseph talks about the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster.
Then Ben Ben asks Mitch why he has stickers on his 86; Cars for Hope, QLD 86/BRZ Owners Club, Mishimoto, and Boosted Autos. Ben then asks whether his Mazda SP25 would lose to a Hyundai Ioniq.
We then finish off Mitch’s favourite game, ‘How Bout Dat’.
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unashamedly unprofessional

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