E76: Balls Deep, Getting Hard

We’re back for episode 76 of the Gears and Beers Podcast!

The first bit of news we talk about this week is the official launch date of Mitch’s favourite car, the new Suzuki Jimny. We then talk about Volkswagen only committing to one more generation of cars with Internal Combustion Engines as they’re focusing on electric, and we briefly talk about the new LIME scooters taking over Brisbane.

Then we talk about Nissan starting to remanufacture a selection of parts for R33 and R34 GTR’s, adding to the existing R32 products.

Then we talk about Rivian and their new electric vehicles targeting offroaders with an SUV and a Ute, which gets us talking about Elon Musk and Tesla.

We then talk at great length about GM’s new Silverado, and we have a split opinion on its styling.

Joseph then talks about his future track day mods for his Toyota GT86, and his wheel crisis and Matt talks about his oil mistake.

We then wrap up our ‘Nameless Game’ by discussing our favourite engines from the game, and we play one last round where we try and find the weirdest 4 cylinder cars.

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img: cnet.com

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