E75: Distinguished Alpian

We’re back with episode 75, and this week we start off with some bollocks and then we rattle off what we’re going to talk about this week.

Then Matt clarifies his ‘No Porsche’ rule before we talk about the new Porsche 911 (992).

Then Joseph explains our goal of having a ‘Hooptie Fleet’; cars that a sub-$1500 and iconic vehicles for what they are.

We then discuss Suzuki Jimny pricing, based on UK pricing, and transition to talking about GM cutting 14,000 employees across the US and Canada.

We then briefly talk about Jeep’s colour-range, before playing ‘The Nameless Game’, this week it’s V12 and like last week with V10’s, there’s a 100,000km limit and we can choose from used. The categories, as usual, are; Track car, drag car, all the money in the world, and value for money.

Then we end off on talking about our Project Prado.

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