E67: The Pope Sailed on the Porsche Boat

We’re back for episode 67! This week we’re joined once again by Ben, and Rent-A-Crowd is back to his off-mic position.

We start off with Chrysler being killed off in New Zealand, and their complete lack of ‘damns’ to give on their website and spell-check.

Then we talk about Mazda confirming the return of the rotary, but not how we would have hoped.

Porsche announces the 935, a retro-inspired track-only version of the GT2 RS; with custom bodywork and livery. The 935 splits the panel. Continuing with the Porsche news, Porsche has confirmed the 911 Speedster that was teased a few months back.

Joseph then brings up some news on Citroen saying they’re going to be focusing on ‘style and comfort’, and after some bollocks, we talk about BMW releasing the new 3-Series at the Paris Motor Show.

We then offend the Pope, and transition on to give Joe and the Cartastrophe365 podcast guys a shout-out because they gave us a shout-out.

Then Matt gives us an update on what car the kid he works with ended up getting. Matt then gives us a brief history on Subaru WRX’s, mostly for Ben’s benefit.

Mitch then talks about a Toyota 2000GT being listed on bringatrailer.com, current bid $465,000 USD with 1 day remaining. We then argue about what cars will be a future classic that will appreciate in value. We then talk about Holden Commodores of the past that we strangely still love.

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