E61: We’re Sorry

We’re back for episode 61, and we have a full house as this week we’re joined by Rent-A-Crowd and Mr. Trewsy.

It’s a slow news week, but we start off with GM using Holden to focus on new automotive technologies (presumably to be used in other brand’s cars).

We talk about a beer supplied by Rent-A-Crowd, a beer called ‘Blue Moon’, and we agree that it is indeed terrible… But Mitch drinks them anyway.

We then have an argument about the AMG GT and the Aston Marton DB11.

Matt starts a topic discussion, “What have you done to your car this week?”, in which Joseph talks about his 86, then Matt talks about his Forester… And what’s wrong with it. Matt then goes on to talk about the bar-work he’s ordered for his 105 Series.

If you made it to the end of this episode, well done, this episode was off the bloody rails… Even for us!

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img: mercedes-amg.com

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