E60: Celine Dion

In spite of technical difficulties, we’ve powered through and we’re back with episode 60.

First up, we talk about the Camaro arriving in dealerships within a few weeks. Then we talk about an Aussie icon, the Ford Territory, making a return but not where you might expect it.

Mitch then proves he is utterly incapable of doing accents. Joseph then talks about the highest sold vehicles for 2018, Ford’s F-Truck being Number 1. We then talk about the youthification of Mercedes, specifically the A-Class, which is basically an iPad on wheels.

Mitch then admits he was a scumbag, and Matt talks about his new Toy…ota.

You can find Mitch’s article on Liberty Walk ruining the new Suzuki Jimny on our site http://www.gearsandbeersmedia.com

We had some silly technical issues with this podcast (thanks Garageband!), but we still hope you enjoyed it.

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