E45: Matt Fiddled With It

A few days late, but better late than never!

This was take-two of episode 45 as Matt accidentally killed the first recording 30 minutes in.

We start off with the news, or rather, what news there has been in the last few weeks since we last recorded. Joseph brings up HSV importing the Chevy Camaro, and how disappointing it is that we Australians will only get it with the 10 speed automatic.

Mitch then rants about WhichCar.com.au’s bastardisation of Wheels, Motor, Street Machine, 4×4 Australia, and Unique Cars.

We then talk a bit about 86 meets, Subaru gold wheels, and Simpsons memes, and talking about ugly cars; particularly SsangYong, and Joseph impresses all with his Stutututu.

We then do Joel’s ‘Motorcycle Minute‘ in which he talks about Erik Buell, some motorcycle guy.

We finally get onto ‘Finder’s Fee‘, Mitch gave Joseph a budget of $35,000 with which to find cars. The cars this week are;

  1. Holden SSV Redline Ute
  2. Megane RS
  3. Volvo S60 T6

Then Joseph rounds out the show by briefly talking about his Japan trip.

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img: youcar / youtube


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