E40: Tofu-Rama

We’ve made it to the big 4-0! This week, we discuss the news, we play ‘Finders Fee‘, and Joel (rent-a-crowd) has his motorcycle minute (which turns into more than a minute), a new challenge has been put forward by Matt, and of course our usual banter.

Firstly, Mitch gives Joseph his budget for the 3 cars. This week, the budget is $85,000.

Then, Mitch kicks off the news segment by talking about the pricing for the Ford Ranger Raptor being released for the Thai market, and price guestimations being made for the Australian market.

Then we discuss how Holden is stuck in the proverbial creek without a paddle, dropping 18.1% in February.

We then briefly talk about the rumours surrounding the next generation GT86/BRZ which might, maybe, get a 2.4L engine.

And Pagani open up a dealership in Melbourne, selling 100 right hand drive Huayra Roadsters, whith no other models confirmed.

Then Joseph brings up some news about the Alfa-Romeo Guilia Coupe.

We then have an argument about what we think will be a collectors car that’s for sale right now, and we can’t really think of anything.

Then, Joel has his Motorcycle Minute, in which he talks about Harley Davidson making an all-electric motorcycle.

Matt then announces his challenge, which is a 1:24 scale model-off. We have to each pick a car, build, and paint a model, and then see who wins via online votes.

The car’s well be building are;

Matt – Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser

Mitch – Porsche 1988 911 Turbo

Joel – Nissan 300ZX

Joseph – Subaru BRZ (or Toyota GT86)

We then play ‘Finders Fee‘, and the cars Joseph picked are;

  1. 2013 Audi RS4 Quattro Wagon automatic
  2. 2012 BMW 1M manual
  3. 2009 Nissan GTR R35

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