E38: Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

This is an exciting episode for Gears and Beers, as we have upgraded our audio quality considerably. We have gone from a single Rode NT-USB with us 4 huddled around it, to a Rode Procaster each, connected to a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 audio interface, recorded with Garageband. We’re still tweaking the setup, but we think it is a considerable improvement over what we were doing previously.

For a change, our first discussion this week is about beer, specifically Corona and why you must put a lime in your Corona.

We then discuss MotorTrend’s decision to effectively leave YouTube, in favour of their MotorTrend On Demand subscription service. We’re disappointed by their decision, but we’re not surprised by this move at all as the writing was on the wall as soon as they launched their On Demand service a few years back. We than tangent into discussing other large automotive YouTube channels and podcasts, and the business of running a large automotive channel.

We then transition into talking about the issues around Ford’s Mustang, and we then transition into talking about what (new) sportscars are available in Australia… Which, there really isn’t many.

We talk about the release of pricing and performance figures for the update to the Volkswagen Polo GTI, and we discuss its pricing relative to comparable cars in the market, and the fact me and Matt love the Polo GTI despite its cons.

Matt introduces a new semgent called ‘Finder’s Fee‘, in which he asked Joseph to name a price, and Matt had to find 3 cars within that budget. Joseph said $3,500, but due to CarSales’ search not allowing for that, Matt went for $3,000.

The cars Matt picked are;

  1. 2004 Ford Falcon XT BA Series 2 automatic sedan with the 5.4L V8
  2. 1995 BMW 318is E36 manual coupe with the 1.8L 4 cylinder
  3. 1973 Volkswagen 1600 Beetle

Joseph is then asked to pick what he thinks is the car to pick to “own” forever.

Mitch then talks about the rumours surrounding new Nissan’s Zed car, which then turns into an argument about if the Mitsubishi Starion is inherently racist.

We give StoreDJ Brisbane a brief shout out for their great service for when Matt and I bought our new audio setup.

Mitch then talks about the ins-and-outs of selling (new) cars, and where the profit lies in new cars (hint, there’s next to no profit in the car itself!).

We hope you can notice the improvement in audio quality, we are still fine tuning our setup, but we feel this is a strong step forward in the growth of Gears and Beers, and we can only get better from here.

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