E31: Shrivel Factor is Real

It’s a bit of a slow news week this week, but we persevere and end up with a great episode in the progress.

Joel, AKA ‘Rent-A-Crowd‘, is back and brings up a brief topic about a gentleman who bought a car from Pagani without receiving vehicle papers making it impossible to register his new Pagani.

Joseph talks about Ford Australia following Ford USA and Ford UK in recalling the Focus RS due to the infamous head gasket issue plaguing the car.

Matt brings back the much loved topic ‘What about this car?‘, and the car this week is a special one, which gets Joseph talking about the rental 2017 Prado he had the pleasure to drive recently.

We then talk about Mitsubishi, and how they haven’t actually made a new car in almost a decade, however Matt likes them a lot… But it turns out Mitch and Matt are wrong, and Mitsubishi is actually selling like crazy.

Then we discuss which 4×4 utes we like, which turns into discussing what is the next Real Estate agent car after the 3 Series, which we think will be the new Mercedes Dual Cab.

We then finish off with the the Top Gear Cool Wall magnets from 2009, which causes a lot of triggering early on for Matt (he loves Subarus, if you haven’t noticed already).

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img: Ford Australia


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