E12: Have you taken leave of your senses!?

These hour-long episodes are becoming a regular thing!

This week, we take a couple listener questions, one regarding the purpose of oil in an engine, another about the future of vehicle/race simulators – Both in terms of entertainment, and in terms of research/development for racing teams and manufacturers.

We rant about the new, “new”, Nissan 370Z MY18 update and NISMO edition, and talk about Geely’s 51% majority acquisition of Lotus. We also help Matt, once again, in his quest to choose his next car; STI, Golf R, Focus RS, BRZ (modified), or Mustang GT – This degenerates into a bit of an argument between us 3 (as it always seems to).

We also discuss, and rant about, Tasmania’s extreme new ‘dangerous driving’ laws.
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img: nissan.com.au


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